BlaCon Media and Politics In Color had an opportunity to attend the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two Presidential Debates were attended by BlaCon Media and Politics In Color. Hofstra University in New York and Washington University in St. Louis were the sites of the two Debates attended by our team working, with SiriusXM satellite for both.

“I’m excited that I’ll be able to provide real-time content about the presidential debate working with Politics In Color, BlaCon Media and SiriusXM satellite”. Steven Bacon will be serving as on-site commentator, coordinator and production manager.
BlaCon Media, an Atlanta-based content distribution and engineering firm, will have covered two presidential debates this year, adding on to its track record of covering nearly every debate since the 2000 debates. PoliticsInColor is an interactive website that offers multicultural, multimedia coverage of political issues that started with the 2008 presidential, congressional and senate campaigns.