sponsors18Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines wanted to make a grand presentation. The airline wanted to notify the public that there was a new Delta and that this new airline was emerging from bankruptcy. BlaCon Media was contacted to assist with this world wide announcement. Delta explained that they wanted to provide content to 12 of their domestic locations and two international locations that included Santiago, Chile and London, England.

BlaCon Media worked to secure crews, satellite trucks, satellite space and viewing stations in each location. BlaCon had to work with each airport’s security team, the FAA and other officials for access. There were several first during this event. It was the first time a satellite truck had actually rolled across the tarmac at New York’s LaGuardia. It was the first time that the reservation monitors in Atlanta Hartsfield airport had been commandeered to show a live broadcast.

We worked with a production company to convert an airplane hangar into a production facility that would serve as broadcast center and at the same time house 4000 excited employees. It was also necessary to roll in a tractor trailer size production truck and two satellite trucks.

This successful event allowed us to demonstrate our operations, coordination, production, engineering, pre- production, post production, management and administrative skills. This successful production lead to us being the broadcast engineering firm of note for Delta Airlines for several years. We went on to produce town hall meetings, the CEO change announcement, Delta’s relisting on the New York stock exchange and numerous other events.

IntlJazzDayJazz Day 2012
The Theolonious Monk society in conjunction with the United Nations and UNESCO wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Herbie Hancock’s song Watermelon man. The request was to have high school aged players in Rio, Cape Town and Paris perform in sync with Mr. Hancock. His band who would be playing live in New Orleans’s Congo square. As any broadcast engineer will tell you this is a technical nightmare when considering the latency (lag time) in signals from the different parts of the globe. There was also no room for error because this broadcast would be seen live on CNN and CBS Morning shows.

BlaCon Media was responsible for coordinating all of the crews, satellite space, and satellite and production trucks in all locations. We worked to coordinate rehearsals in all locations and most of all worked to time the music so that all the bands would start and end at the same time. One of our technician’s is also a musician and producer and was a key part in developing our “click track” for our production.

Once again BlaCon Media experienced total success. We must admit there were some very stressful moments as it relates to having technicians and musicians on the same note. We were told that timing satellites for a succinct broadcast has only been done a few times in the history of broadcasting.

Jazz Day 2013
The Theolonious Monk society in conjunction with the United Nations and UNESCO wanted to webcast there star studded Jazz event from a 4 century church in Istanbul Turkey. This event was to be broadcast live on the internet and it needed to be in HD. There were numerous challenges from language barriers to political challenges to unprofessional satellite technicians. One team of which had to be dismissed the night before the event.
BlaCon Media experienced absolute success while coordinating satellite, production trucks, satellite trucks, satellite and fiber transmission and internet encoding. We worked with teams in Brazil, California, Turkey and Spain to produce this signal some of which was carried via transcontinental fiber.
By all accounts it was a fabulous event and required that the BlaCon team tap into every aspect of its technical and broad band expertise.


sponsors16NCAA-CBS All Access Sports Highlights
During the Fall NCAA College championships NCAA and CBS wanted a way to highlight each one of these events around the country. They felt it was not efficient to broadcast all the events. They wanted a broad band solution. The question was how could they produce numerous events around the country, break games down into clips and disseminate the content in a timely manner so that fans could get a feeling for the excitement of recent events?
BlaCon Media was ask to come up with a solution that would produce multiple events over multiple days. We went to work with our web master and IT support and developed a system that would utilize 1 or 2 camera people and compression so that content could be Ftp’d to the CBS site. It was necessary to make sure that the camera people were also editors. Consequently we were able to produce 73 events in 57 days. We covered Football, Volleyball, Track and Field and Soccer that appeared on CBS All Access.

sponsors42008 Presidential Campaign
The 2008 campaign was filled with opportunities, logistical and technical challenges as well as history making events. Our clients were Associated Press, Clinton 08, Obama 08, Viacom, BET, TV ONE, CBS News Path, Comcast, Black Enterprise a number of PR firms and one African Network. We covered debates, town hall meetings, election night from McCain headquarters and Grant field for the election night announcement both Democratic and Republican Conventions as well as the Inauguration. We were challenged with crew deployment, equipment concerns, logistics, production and engineering challenges. On election night alone we were live with a focus group in Columbus, Ohio, a focus group in Atlanta, Georgia, live from McCain Headquarters in Arizona and live from Grant field in Chicago. During the inauguration we were live from five locations in Washington, DC including the Capital and the parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue.